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Kal Naay Alder House 

Kal Naay Alder House is a 19-unit supportive living residence funded and owned by BC Housing, it is NOT a short-term shelter. It is operated under contract by the Daajing Giids Heritage Housing Society at 136 Second Avenue. It was initiated under the Rapid Response to Homelessness program established by the BC government. Kal Naay welcomed it’s 1st residents in March 2021 and is now completely full with a community of 19 happy people, and a waiting list of prospective residents.

The Society’s guiding principle for operating Kal Naay Alder House is “Housing First.” This approach views housing as the foundation for life improvement and enables access to permanent housing without prerequisites or conditions beyond those of a typical renter. Before an individual can successfully address any social, economic, health or addiction issues, they need food and a stable, secure home. Kal Naay Alder House also provides support staff who offer assistance to residents in upgrading their life skills and in becoming more self-sufficient.

Each unit in Kal Naay Alder House has its own private bathroom with shower, as well as a kitchenette. Residents can choose to cook for themselves or have two meals (a cold breakfast and a hot dinner) served daily by staff from the commercial kitchen and enjoyed with fellow residents in the communal dining room and lounge. The suites also come with basic furnishings: chairs, a table, a couch and a bed. There are 19 units. Two suites are barrier-free for individuals with mobility issues.

Kal Naay Alder House Supportive Housing

Frequently Asked Questions



What will the housing be like?

Kal Naay Alder House Supportive Housing is a new purpose-built building and program that is two stories, and contains 19 self-contained units, including two no-barrier units, a commercial kitchen and dining hall, and a clinic office for visiting practitioners. We are staffed 24/7.

Who can live there?

Residents/Program Participants will be low-income individuals on Haida Gwaii, 19 years of age and over. Priority will be given to individuals who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Residents will also benefit from the Program Support Workers and programming on site. Kal Naay Alder House Supportive Housing is designed to provide residents with secure, supported, permanent housing. Kal Naay Alder House Supportive Housing will also provide the opportunity to make connections with a comprehensive range of support services to facilitate the transition from a previous housing situation or homelessness into stable, supported, permanent housing. The support services are intended to assist the program participant in addressing and enhancing life skills, restoring the ability to maintain healthy, independent lives and eventually maintain a productive independent tenancy. 

Will the building be wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there are two fully accessible, no-barrier units.

How long can I live there for?

This will be permanent housing and there is no length of stay for residents. Residents will be under a Program Agreement and have the support and assistance of staff should they wish to explore and transition onto other housing options.

What is the rent, and what other amenities are included?

Rent is equivalent to the basic income assistance shelter portion amount (currently $375) or 30% of their income and will include all utilities. There is a cold breakfast and a hot dinner provided to residents at no additional charge. There is laundry facilities available for residents. There is a clinic space in the building for health services. Other programs will be developed in partnership with residents. 

Can I have pets?

Yes. The building is pet friendly. Approval of pets will be done on a case-by-case basis.  Participants must adhere to the building’s Pet Policy. 

What will I need to bring to the building?

The units are all self-contained studio apartments. Basic furniture (bed, table, chair, shelf/storage cabinet) is provided, and we ask that new residents not bring large furniture items with them. Due to the size of the units, we are also asking that new residents limit their belongings to what can fit into 3 plastic totes (approximately 65L per tote). Residents may also bring with them one complete bicycle. 

What supports will be available to those who are using substances?

The building programming is based on a harm reduction approach which includes the Program Support Worker connecting residents with those outside this life skills program so as to provide people with safe use options, wellness check-ins, and working with individuals to identify and connect with desired community supports and/or treatment resources.

What other supports will be provided in the building?

The building has 24/7 day a week staffing. Staff is on hand to support residents with their safety, personal goals and health care needs. 

Who will be operating the building?

The building will be operated by the Daajing Giids Heritage Housing Society.

How will residents be involved in the building?

There are peer opportunities for residents in the building. These are be developed in partnership with residents upon building opening.

How can I apply?

Click on this application link, speak with a staff member or call 778-260-3420. You can also speak with your health care provider to complete an application. Applicants will also be contacted to complete a Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VAT).

Phone: 778-260-3420


Write to Kal Naay Alder House at: Box 84, Daajing Giids, V0T 1S0

Resident visiting hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

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